Where It All Begins

Wow! I am finally committing to doing this. Throughout my whole life I have been somewhat of a procrastinator, so me taking the time to create a blog and post meaningful content is nothing short of a miracle. So lets begin with why I am creating this blog. My main motivation and inspiration for beginning to document and share my story was listening to Cait Flanders from the blog ‘Blonde on a Budget’ interviewed by Jessica Moorhouse on her podcast ‘Mo Money Mo Houses’. In her interview, Cait explains how she created her own blog to document the progress of paying down her debt. What started out as a simple medium for documenting her progress quickly became a medium for motivation as she began to gain some followers. Her followers rooted and cheered her on and she was able to stay motivated and finally reached her goal of being debt free.

I am hoping to experience a similar phenomenon. Rather than overcoming debt I am hoping to one day become Financially Independent (FI) through maximizing saving and minimizing spending. As a low wage earner becoming FI may seem near impossible. I believe that through minimalism and aggressive saving one may become FI regardless of income level. I hope that with some discipline and motivation derived from this blog my dream can one day (hopefully sooner rather than later) become a reality.

What a beautiful sunset. I think I may just leave this photo be.


I hope that you stick around and help me achieve my goals.


Author: maxyourminimalism

Hello, I'm Andy, a mid 20's low wage worker from Ontario Canada looking to share my progress as I embark on my personal finance journey and attempt to meet my financial goals through the practice of minimalism. This blog is not an attempt at converting people to the same lifestyle choices as me, but instead to document and share my progress as a low income earner striving for financial independence. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading about my life as it progresses and I attempt to maximize reaching my financial goals through minimalism.

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