Beginning At The End

A fitting way to begin my personal finance journey with you would be to define and explain my end goal. For some their journey ends when they have completed their 35+ years in the workforce and collect a company pension in retirement. For others it ends when they reach the ripe old age of 65 and begin to draw from RRSP savings supplemented by CPP and OAS. The ideal end of my journey is something else all together.

WHY DO WE WORK? A question with a seemingly obvious answer but when we explain why we work we simultaneously define the parameters for when we can stop working. In other words, if we can satisfy our reasons for working without needing the income stream that work provides we can theoretically retire from the workforce.

My end goal is to accumulate enough capital over my working years to be able to retire not when I am 65 or when my work pension is satisfied but rather the instant that my own financial needs are satisfied. How and when I will achieve my goals is a topic for a future post. Stay tuned.