The No Spend Month

One of the best methods to stay accountable for your spending is to frivolously track and be conscious of your monthly total expenditures. One way in which I do this, besides a budgeting app, is to choose one month of the year and challenge myself to get by with just the bare necessities (the simple bear necessities).

This year I did my no spend month in February and I may try and do another one in November. By making a conscious choice to limit spending to only what is required to get by, one can be inspired to permanently remove an unnecessary expenditure they have learned to live without. In addition to encouraging a minimalist lifestyle the no spend month allows one to realize their true saving power. Getting out of the paycheque to paycheque funk may really be as easy as removing all unnecessary spending for a month and reevaluating previous spending habits that we have proven to ourselves we can live without.

I challenge anyone reading this to have their own no spend month in hopes of enlightenment and a refreshed perspective on their own saving potentials.